About Melbourne Chinese Post (iMCP)

Since its establishment in 1992, Melbourne Chinese Post (iMCP) has developed & grown to become one of the biggest and most popular Chinese Magazines in Melbourne, catering for the rapidly growing and diverse Chinese community in Victoria. As a pioneer in the local Chinese publication industry, Melbourne Chinese Post is never satisfied with its achievement and is ever advancing to cope with the need of our society. Besides the printed version, we have also launched our online magazine at www.imcp.com.au, providing up-to-date news to our readers 24/7. In addition, iMCP also features an array of internet channels, such as facebook, weibo, YouTube, etc., where all Melburnians with Chinese descent can gain easy access to browse the latest update as well as expressing their views & comments online.

Twelve thousand (12,000) free copies of Melbourne Chinese Post are published every fortnight and are distributed to over 120 carefully selected outlets in Melbourne and metropolitan suburbs with significant Chinese demographic population.

Melbourne Chinese Post covers a variety of thought-provoking & enchanting topics, ranging from Australian update to International talking points, local government debate to recommended special events. Each publication features an in-depth coverage of the latest overseas and local news-making headlines in Australia, around the world, and esp hometowns of our target readers. Special sections focusing on Events, Food, Travel, Property, Fashion, Gadgets, Motoring & Chinese Horoscope are also included to satisfy different interest of local Chinese residents. Through the interactive function of our online version & internet channels, iMCP from time to time can receive feedback from our readers which enable us to refine our topics & maintain our popularity among the Chinese community in Melbourne.

Melbourne Chinese Post is also well supported by the corporate sector who emphasize & understand the value of “ethnic” dollars. Regular advertisers of iMCP include Brady Property Group, Central Equity Homes, Crown Casino, Shiseido, Lee Kum Kee, National Bank of Australia, etc. All these renowned brands have already benefitted from their ethnic marketing commitments with iMCP.